Animator ~ Technical Artist

Jennifer Hoffman

Rigging / Technical

Transformers Prime RiggingWin A Ride PromotionRoboBallTransformers Prime Renders
Kreo Construction SetsView LargeAuto Rigging ToolBaby Alive: Crib Life


Swift Gameplay TrailerCheckmateDetectiveBattleship & Monopoly LIVE
The Game of ThingsThe Game of ThingsCanDudeView Large
View Large

Modeling / Texturing

MausoleumMystic PoolView LargeView Large
View LargeView LargeView LargeView Large
View LargeView Large

Design / Scripting / Writing

Leaves and EmbersInteractive Horse GeneticsOrder of the Griffin Web GameDatabase Driven Portfolio

Painting and Sketching

Sylvan SpiritSilver and SnowA Ranger in the MistsView Large
View LargeView LargeWine Velvet